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Welcome to Marea.
Welcome to the calm of the Mediterranean. We are the Mediterranean, and we want you to be as well.
Experience the blue sea, the red sunsets, the bright sunshine, and the magical five o’clock sunlight of a February afternoon. Those first beams of sunlight announcing that spring is on its way. Strolls filled with breezy air, laughter and endless memories.
Stillness and silence, energy found in nature. The soft swaying of waves. Disconnecting the mind and then reconnecting. What really matters are the little moments that bring smiles to our faces. The joy of sharing the now and feeling more alive than ever. In perpetual motion, dancing to the beat of the waves, yet serene and without a single hurry.
Learning to live again and to live passionately.
That is what the Mediterranean is all about. A unique atmosphere that will utterly win you over. There’s something about it that will always stick with you.
And this is precisely what we would like to share with you at Marea.

Feel at home and capture the feel of the Mediterranean.
Experience Marea.